About Us

What is YNNE?

Young Naturists New England is dedicated to promoting nude recreation among the new generation of New Englanders.   We are open to all ages, the young, and the young at heart.  We seek to increase awareness, acceptance, and participation in nude recreation among young people.  We seek to promote naturism / nudism through our own events and promoting other’s events and the many great places available to enjoy nude recreation in New England.   We seek to engage conversation on topics related to naturism / nudism in online forums, and demonstrate its relevance and benefits.   This is an open and accepting community that does not discriminate based on who people are, including but not limited to gender or gender expression, sexuality, age, religion, disability, or political affiliation.

We are just getting started, but there will be plenty more to come.

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Why Nude?

Why not? Naturism and nudism mean different things to different people, but can generally be described as philosophy that nudity is acceptable, at home, outdoors, and social environments with like minded people. There’s a lot of debate about what words to use, and what they mean. What ties us all together is we enjoy being naked, and question the ideology of clothing that is such a persistent force in most modern societies. That there should be a time and place for being naked. That nudity is about body acceptance of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

So why do we do it? There reasons are as varied as we are. The feeling of the sun, air, and water over your whole body, unimpeded, can be wonderful. Being naked is comfortable, freeing, and stress relieving. In being naked, we are all bit more equal, and can relate to each other more directly, as we are just ourselves, without being wrapped in a layer of clothes to both hide and project who we are. It is a closer connection to nature. That all bodies are beautiful when allowed to simply be.

Any Questions?

Here are a few resources for more information about naturism, nudism, and nude recreation.


Naturist Society FAQ


Our Friends

This group was born out of Young Naturists America, which has done a lot of pioneering work in promoting nude recreation and body acceptance.